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When choosing the correct brush to use, make sure to remember that your scalp is skin. With that in mind you do not want to use a brush with hard bristles that will scratch and tear the scalp and hair. To test, brush the back of your hand.  If the brush scratches your skin just to the point where your lotion fades and you get that dry ashy look then the brush fails the test.  The reason is because this brush is going to scratch your scalp, tearing at your epidermis. It will also tear your hair strands causing your hair shaft to become thinner over time. The kind of brush you want to look for is a large paddle brush with the round balls on the tips of the brush

Caps and Hats

When wearing caps, hats, durags, etc make sure you are using a fabric that will not cause any friction because they can cause the hair to literally rub out over time. You want to protect your hair shaft, keeping it shiny and healthy so that you will have the full look that you desire. Therefore use satin, some nylon, or any smooth fabric treated to appear silk- like.