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Get the Length

How long do you want your hair to be?

Lisa Akbari's Cyber "Get the Length" (GTL) Program

Join trichologist Lisa Akbari on her mission of empowering women to get the desired long healthy and beautiful length hair right at home.

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Lisa Akbari is a trichologist and researcher. She understands the complex nature of hair, the struggles women face trying to achieve long hair, and the overriding desire of women to have long full healthy hair. She says the time for “good hair” versus “bad hair” is over. Whether your hair is kinky or straight, whether you wear a permanent wave or permanent relaxer, whether you use heated tools or if you have natural hair —it does not matter.  Trichologist Lisa Akbari promises to get you back on track toward having long healthy hair!

All ages and types of women are encouraged to join the Get the Length Program. Trichologist Lisa Akbari will recommend the correct care program and products to achieve your desired hair length.

"Some women have never been able to grow long hair, and despite rumored theories, the problem is not due to genetics."

The primary issue lies in the lack of understanding of the hair and scalp connection as well as the aging damage that many women put their hair through, which causes the hair to die before its time. This problem has plagued many women all of their life and prevented them from getting the length.

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