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Strand Reading

Have your strands read by Trichologist Lisa Akbari

Are you having hair and scalp problems? 

A strand reading will help get to the root of the issue, and give you a personalized action plan to follow.

Take the guess work out of your hair care, and learn how to care for your hair and scalp to achieve and maintain healthy hair.

Sample Strand Reading

Lisa Akbari is a board certified trichologist and heads a hair and scalp treatment and maintenance clinic located in Memphis, TN. Through Lisa’s research, she has identified a disorder known as Short hair Syndrome (SHS) which results in strand thinning and chronic hair breakage. Akbari has uncovered startling evidence that supports her theory that a certain hair texture and type which is genetically linked may cause some to be predisposed to this hair disorder. Her latest studies have also proven that over a period of time, SHS can develop within any hair texture and type. 

Strand Reading vs. Hair & Scalp Analysis

If you are having hair loss, thinning, alopecia, breakage and/or itchy, flaky, or tender scalp, schedule a Virtual Hair and Scalp Analysis. However, if you don't require this comprehensive 1-on-1 session, a mail-in Strand Reading is the next best thing!

Ready to get started?

Trichologist Lisa Akbari would be glad to analyze your hair! Please mail the following to the address below:

*Please send a check or money order, or complete the credit card information on the questionnaire. You may also send payment online via PayPal ( or our Online Store. If you choose to pay through PayPal, please enclose a copy of your payment receipt for faster service.

Mail to:
Lisa Akbari
World Trichology Institute
Attn: SHS Studies
1288 Sycamore View
Memphis, TN 38134

Note: Turnaround time depends on current volume/demand. You may expect to receive your strand reading results in 2-4 weeks once we have received your materials.

Take the first step to healthier hair today!