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Hair Analysis

Having Hair and Scalp Issues?

Get Help from Trichologist Lisa Akbari

It can be difficult to properly treat and care for your hair and scalp without understanding your hair type and condition. An analysis or strand reading will allow us to determine recommended treatment options personalized just for you!

Two Options for Your Hair Analysis

In order to help as many people as possible, Lisa Akbari offers two different ways to complete your analysis. Pick which is most convenient for you!

  • By Mail

    Strand Readings can be done completely by postal mail. You will need to mail in your questionnaire; a check, money order, or credit card info (or use PayPal); and samples of your hair strands. Your results will be returned via mail and/or email. Learn more ›

  • Online

    Our Virtual Hair and Scalp Analysis is the perfect option for those looking for a no-contact session with the Lisa Akbari. You will need to complete our questionnaire, mail in your strands, and email photos of your scalp. This virtual consultation includes a copy of your session that can be viewed through a private link on YouTube. Learn more ›