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Myth: Men don’t have to care for their hair daily.

Daily Care Tips:

  • Men need to shampoo their hair on an as needed basis, at least twice a week, following the Lisa Akbari Men Only Program.
  • Hair is a dead substance but the scalp is very much alive, and it is very important to keep the scalp healthy, hydrated, and free of dirt and sweat.
  • If working out daily, men must shampoo daily just like they shower daily.
  • Shampooing at least twice a week is vital to healthy and a healthy scalp hair growth.
  • Debris and sweat can clog hair follicles and damage your ability to obtain the fullness that you desire.
  • Make sure your hair is staying hydrated with oils and moisturizers that are hair and scalp friendly and don’t clog the hair follicles.