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How To: Swim and Still Have a Hairstyle

The number one thing to remember is that while you are having fun swimming, the chlorine is eating away at your scalp and hair. This is why at the end of the summer, many of you at the end of the summer will have lighter hair (even though you didn’t get a hair color), and it will be shorter and dryer. So what do you do to swim and have healthy hair?

Before Swimming:

Rinse all hair products from the hair and pull it back with a cute bow or ponytail holder. This is sanitary, and helps you avoid the embarrassment of having hair products floating around you in the pool.

After Swimming:


Remember to rinse the chlorine from your hair within 24 hrs after swimming.  Apply a cleansing and clarifying shampoo.


When you apply a protein and moisture conditioner, let it sit for 60 seconds while in the shower, and then rinse away.


Apply leave-in products. If you are swimming daily, here is a quick fix style. Apply your oil and hair vitamins to the hair, and then pull the hair back. Use a cloth ponytail holder and a drawstring ponytail. Remember to cut away the comb in the ponytail, and then secure it with bobby pins (never hair pins).