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Episode 9, Part I: Ask “The Hair Doctor” June 24, 2011

In this episode of Ask “The Hair Doctor“, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:36 I big chopped 6 months ago, and I have 3 inches of 4b/4c hair that is very tightly coiled. My question is, will my hair texture stretch or change as I gain more length.

4:45 My hair is thinning very bad. It’s balding in the top of my head. What can I do to grow my hair back?

6:23 A relaxer caused my hair to fall out at the hairline. It grew back in, but the hair does not have the curl like the rest of my head. The hair is very loose. Can the relaxer permanently change my curl pattern?

8:22 What is your take on hot oil treatments?  Are hot oil treatments beneficial to the hair

11:17 Can you do specific hair type/texture videos ie. Fine/Thin; Medium/ Normal, Thick Coarse. 1. How often should thin/fine hair be washed? 2.  13:55 For naturals in general should the scalp be oiled or just the hair shaft?14:56 Do I still need to use additional oils? 3. 16:30 1 more question Fine, thin hair tends to become dull and dry after 1-2 days How can I combat these issues? I understand if this is too much, I appreciate your ATHD videos! Thanks in advance for your advice! Have a great day!

19:20 My crown is finally thickening up and growing but it’s a little thin still. 1. What products in your product line should I use to keep my crown area in good shape, including the bang area?  2. 21:27 Also, what product is best in your line to keep my hair strong and moisturized? I have relaxed hair that I relax every six months. (new growth only for 10 minutes). I roller set every week without fail. Any advice you could give me would help a lot.

21:46 Which of your products are good for roller setting that can keep my hair strong. I can’t afford a whole set but I would really like to buy some of your products?

23:15 Thank you for your time in answering the question that we have. I remember from a previous video that our shampoo should have 4.5-5.5ph. Do conditioners and leave-in conditioners need to have the same ph as the shampoo? Why or why not? Thanks again!

25:04 Dear Mrs Akbari, thanks so much for your segments on ‘Ask the hair doctor’. My question is: I have 4b hair. I have noticed varying lengths of hair strands throughout my head even though I do not have much breakage at all when I detangle. Is this breakage or new growth from previously shed hairs? Thanks so much.