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Episode 10, Part I: Ask “The Hair Doctor” 7-7-11

In this episode of Ask “The Hair Doctor“, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:10 Hi! I wanted to ask you a question, if I just wanted you to take a x ray picture of my hair( examples the split ends the damage of my hair) Like a before and after picture. How much will you charge to purchase those pictures?

1:08 Hello: Other than the hair’s texture, porosity, elasticity, and density are there any other “characteristics” that make up the hair? Thanks for answering my question.

2:41 What can she (my mother) do to combat her scalp issue psoriasis WITHOUT medication? 

4:48 My next question. I have natural dark brown/black natural hair. The grays are really showing. I want to dye my hair black. Is dying it black just as harmful as dying it several shades lighter? Thank you so much!

6:31 what is the best comb to use for daily use and detangling? is the denman brush good?

7:50 hey, Lisa i would like to know if you can recommend a product that is good for transitioning from texturized to natural? and do u ship to Canada? thank you

3 Questions:  8:56 Will you be making samples in the future? 9:17 Also,  How often is it ok to do roller sets? 10:00 Also, Is it ok to relax for 10 minutes every six months (new growth only)?

10:10 Is it possible to stop and regrow my thinning hair? My shedding and irritated scalp has ceased. However if I stop using the 10:46 Minoxidil I fear It will start again. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

11:35 Hi Lisa, My 4 year old daughter got sunburn on her scalp last summer, which blistered and she lost all the hair in the affected areas. The hair is growing back now but I’d like to know what I can do to protect her scalp from sunburn this summer. Many Thanks & God bless. 

12:16 According to a stylist, my hair is conditioner damaged from too much co-washing, leaving in too much conditioner, etc. I have excessive knots, splits, breakage and shedding. What can I do to recover from this damage? She said to use a sulfate free shampoo and stop the leave-ins and deep treatments. I have lots 2-3 inches of hair from having to cut knots and splits at each wash. Please help!