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Get The Length For Relaxed Hair With Black Women’s Guide


Get the Length gives you everything you need to have long, beautiful, healthy hair.  Also includes: Black Women’s Guide to Beautiful Hair



Get the Length gives you everything you need to have long, beautiful, healthy hair.

Prescription written by Trichologist Lisa Akbari, also Lisa Akbari’s Hair Nutrition System which include: Cleansing, Clarifying, and Balance Shampoo, Deep Penetrating, Protein Moisture and Stabilizing Conditioner, Hair Vitamins Leave-in-Conditioner,  Oil Sheen in a Jar, Moisturizer Plus,  Sculptor Set , Hydrating Detangling Souffle and “ENDS” .  Also includes: Black Woman’s Guide to Beautiful Hair. IMPORTANT: You will need to complete our Get the Length Questionnaire in order to receive your customized hair prescription. Download it here!  Then email your finished form to after your purchase. (You do not need to do this again if you have already signed up via Get The Length page.)