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Style Options

There are several style options to choose from when choosing a look that will satisfy the preferences of both you and your child.

1.    Cornrow: 

You can have you child’s hair corn rowed for a few days after shampooing it, then take it down for a beautiful, wavy look for the rest of the week. Shampoo and repeat the process for the next week.  Make sure the corn rows are not too tight as to over stretch the hair, putting stress on the hair follicle and testing your little girl’s elasticity to the limit.  You would not want the hair to pop and break off causing weak strands and a sore scalp.

2.    Natural:

Shampoo weekly and let air dry when possible or keep dryer time to a minimum.  Apply, in this order, hair vitamins: to continually strengthen and detangle the strand.   Moisture plus Moisturizer, to soften and hydrate her strands and  oil sheen in a jarto help seal in your little girl’s own natural oils as well as leave-in products, then plait or braid overnight.  Glaze a small amount of Oil Sheen in a Jar in your hand and rub throughout her hair as you finger style into place in order to achieve more defined natural curls.  

3.    Natural with heated tools / Pressed: 

When using heated tools, make sure to follow your checklist.  Also make sure you are wrapping it up for bed with a satin scarf or using a satin pillow case.

Checklist for using heated tools:

  • Is the hair clean?
  • Have you hydrated the hair …. Use “Cool Down”.
  • Is the heated tool set at 300 ° F or lower? (make sure you are using one with a temperature dial).
  • Is the hair tangle free?
  • Is the hair dry?

4.    Relaxed

To Relax or Not

5.    Ponytails: 

  • Make sure that your child is not using a rubber band or holder that can be caught in the hair, pulling it and tearing her hair. 
  • Make sure that she does not sleep in  ponytail holders or rubber bands.
  • During the day the ponytail should not be so tight that it causes the child’s eyes to rise.  It should just be tight enough to stay in place.
  • Do not use gel or any other product that can clog the hair follicles and create a negative buildup on the scalp.

6.    Braids:

Braids have always been thought of as the perfect, no stress look.   For children it means a fun new style option.  For you it means no stress.  However, the scalp underneath the braids must be taken care of while wearing them.  It must be shampooed as needed but at least weekly, just like as you would without the braids.  Use braids 101 to guide you.  Also our  Braids Programwill give you Step by Step guidance in daily care of your little girl’s Braids.

  Braids 101:

  • Braids should not be too tight; sometimes they are so tight that the strands extending from the scalp slowly break from pulling.  Sometimes, it gets to the point where the extension is barely holding on to one strand.
  • Her hair and scalp should not have a buildup that looks like flakes  around the scalp area and top of the braid.  This is a sign that the hair and scalp was not shampooed and rinsed properly while wearing braids.