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Cool Down 8oz


Protect the hair from overheating when using heated styling tools, preventing burning and damaging hair.

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When using any heated styling tool, it’s important not to overheat the hair. Lisa Akbari’s Cool Down will protect the hair from overheating, preventing burning and damaged hair.

Directions for Use: Apply Lisa Akbari’s Cool Down to the hair closest to the scalp, then mold, wrap, or set the hair in place until dry. Sometimes the hair may seem cool to the touch as if it is still wet. DO NOT OVER DRY the hair. After the hair is dry, proceed with heated tools (flat iron, curling iron, etc.). Use Lisa Akbari’s Oil Sheen in a Jar afterwards as needed for shine.

Ingredients: Pure Jojoba Oil Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Protein, Biotin-Vitamin H.-Vitamin B Glycerin Hydrogenated, Castor Oil, Hydro Keratin, Grape Seed Oil Humectants Purified Water, Cold Pressed Pure Cinnamon Oil, and a special blend of Akbari ingredients that are scalp, hair and environmentally friendly.