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Folliculitis occurs when hair follicles become infected usually by some form of bacteria.  Evidence of folliculitis includes pimple-like, pus filled blisters.  The most common mistake is when men take folliculitis lightly, citing that many other men including friends and family members have these “razor bumps.”  The problem is razor bumps, if taken lightly can continue to become infected causing pain and discomfort.  If untreated or made worse, folliculitis can cause permanent scarring, eliminating the ability to grow hair in the infected area as well as ruining your smooth skin. 

Don’t neglect your face:

  • Make sure that you clean your clippers and razors.
  • Make sure your barber is using barbicide.
  • Make sure that you are shampooing your hair and beard.
  • Don’t forget that hair follicles must be cared for whether or not you plan on shaving or keeping the hair.