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Seasonal Care


Keeping your child’s hair moisturized to prevent dry, brittle, and weak hair is important; therefore you need to use a moisturize plus moisturizer in order to keep your child’s hair hydrated in the winter.  Also, remember to shampoo as needed but at least once a week.  Sometimes, the cold weather causes us to neglect our shampoo regime for fear of getting sick from a wet head during the cold climate.  However, make sure that you towel dry the hair to remove excess water and sit her under the table top dryer.


Transitional period between winter and summer.  Therefore mornings are cold; the temperature warms up during the day, and gets cold again at night.  Make sure to continue to use your  support products during this time of year so that your hair can bounce back from the shock of the temperature change.


The summer is the hottest season in most regions; therefore the body will naturally sweat more during this time depositing wastes onto the scalp and hair.  It is important that you make sure you shampoo as needed.  Remember these guidelines:

  • If your child is outside for a large percentage of the day playing or doing other activities, you might need to shampoo her hair every day. 
  • It is imperative that you shampoo every time she swims because you need to rinse the harsh chlorine out of your child’s hair and scalp.
  • Learn quick fix hair styles for your child so that you won’t get overwhelmed.
  • Teach your child how to care for her hair, just like you would teach her to brush her teeth.


Transitional period between summer and winter.  Therefore some days might be hot and others cooler.  Make sure to continue to use your  support products during this time of year.