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Q&A : I don’t know how to style my new growth! What to do?


New Growth Management: “I have recently decided to go natural, but have hit a wall. My new growth is unbearable, and all my friends keep threatening to give me a perm in my sleep so my hair will look better!

I really want to continue having natural hair, but at this point am frustrated and don’t think I can last. I need help! What can I do to manage this new growth and let my natural hair continue to grow?”


Remember that you are the only pilot in your universe, and you must go back to the day when you made the decision to go natural, then work your way from there. Stay positive and open, and allow the appropriate knowledge to enter into your mind to face the battle of the new growth.“Natural Hair” Management is what you need as your armor.

Step 1, make sure you keep your hair groomed. There is nothing natural about a messy head of hair, its just simply messy! Get in the mirror, look at your face and shape, and lets come up with a look that fits your face, personality, and lifestyle.

Step 2: You must keep that hair hydrated, if your hair is soft and shiny, it does not matter what natural hairstyle you choose, and it will look radiant.

Step 3: Each day, layer 3 products onto your hair and scalp Apply a leave in conditioner to your ends, then the hair closest to the scalp, then moisturizer, and then seal with an oil in that same manner. Then take your fingers and smooth the product into your scalp and hair, and don’t forget about the ends. No combing is needed. Now you are ready to create you style choice! By doing so, you will have a very groomed head of hair that will garner more compliments than criticism.