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Program for Scalp Care


Program for Scalp Care

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Program for Scalp Care

Includes a customized program for scalp care written by the Hair Dr. and also Lisa Akbari's Hair Nutrition System which includes a one month supply of three care products: 1) Cleansing, Clarifying, and Balance Shampoo; 2) Deep Penetrating, Protein Moisture and Stabilizing Conditioner; 3) Hair Vitamins Leave-in Conditioner and support products which includes:  Oil Sheen in a Jar, Moisture Plus Moisturizer. Scalp Treatment #1 and Scalp Treatment #2

Lisa Akbari Hair Products and Programs 

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PLEASE FILL OUT> Lisa Akbari Hair and Scalp Questionnaire

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Contact Information Name: ________________ E-mail ________

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Questionnaire: Hair

Is your hair Natural ____ Do you have chemicals in your hair? _____
Is your hair long? Estimate how many inches?  ____________

Does your hair feel dry? ______ Does your hair look dry? ____

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Questionnaire: Scalp

Does your scalp itch? Yes __ No __ Does your scalp feel tender and sore? Yes __ No __

Does your scalp burn?  Does your scalp have bumps? Yes___ No____

Does your scalp have bald spots or short broken areas? _____

Bald Spots Any Bald Spots: ____ Location of any bald spots: ______________________ How long have you had balding? _____________________________________________

How often do you Shampoo your hair: _____How often ______ Do you Condition your hair: ___ How often ____  Do you use leave-in conditioner, if so how often?: _______

Describe your hair regimen: Other issues or challenges/ Tell us your hair story: ________________________________________________________________________