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Preparing the Hair for Bed

Make sure that you protect your little girl’s or little guy’s hair at night.

Even if you choose not to style it or prepare the hair for the next school day, make sure that you have a satin pillow case at the very least.  Cotton sheets can help regulate body temperature but will cause dehydration of the scalp and cause friction especially since a lot of our children move around in their sleep.  Additionally, your child’s hair and scalp will look and feel dry over time.

Taking the time to prepare your little girl’s hair for the next day can be very time consuming.  Don’t stress!  There are some simple things that can be done to make your nightly hair ritual a little easier:

  • Have a plan.
  • Don’t wait until it is matted.
  • Pick a style option.
  • Loosely plait hair in the direction of the style that will be worn the next day,  then tie hair in place with satin scarf.

Remember, the more you do at night, the less you have to do in the morning. 

This is a time of learning for your child; teach them how to care for their own hair using the Lisa Akbari Program for Little Girls of color or Lisa Akbari Program for Little Boys of color.

Click for style options that can help you along the way.