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Men, Come on In

Men, Come on In

The Hair Nutrition System offers hair and scalp care for men… designed to help with dry scalp, itchy scalp, scalp bumps, as well dry hair problems. The Hair Doctor offers tips on the cause, treatment and prevention of hair loss.

How to care for your look

1. Gels, mousse, and wave wax:

You must be cautious when using any of these products, because although they help you achieve your desired style, they might not be healthy for your hair. If the products are not hair and scalp friendly, then they can clog the mouth of the hair follicle preventing growth and causing your hair to look less dense or full.  Also, it can create a negative buildup on your hair and scalp, trapping pollutants on the scalp resulting in dandruff and other wanted debris to get caught in the hair and on the scalp.

2. Chemicals (Relaxers, texturizers, permanent color, s- curl):

  When choosing to use a chemical on the hair, men must first go to a licensed cosmetologist or barber that specializes in chemical services.  Many men do not want to go to a salon that is traditionally full of women and get their hair relaxed, texturized, colored, or any other service that would require them to step foot a traditionally ladies only facility.  However, a chemical is a very serious process that could damage the scalp resulting in baldness, therefore it is very important that a licensed professional perform the service.  Just put your pride aside for the sake of your hair and scalp.  You will get your desired look and walk out that salon door feeling great.  Make sure to follow our simple rules for chemicals.

3. Bald look:

 When choosing to wear a bald look, make sure that you do not neglect your scalp.  Shampoo your scalp with a few drops of shampoo every day.

The reason for this:

  • you want to always have a healthy scalp
  • you never know when you want to change your look from bald
  • you don’t want to have a persistent itch because your follicles are clogged
  • you don’t want to develop folliculitis
  • you want to have a smooth, shiny shave

4. Locks:

Shampoo at least once a week or more if needed.  Locks are beautiful but we want them to look and smell healthy.  Foul odor comes from bacteria.  Hair that is intertwined and locked together can create a haven from dust, dirt, and debris flying in the air outside, at home, and at work to get trapped.  It is important to keep them as clean as possible so that you are not carrying all the particles of debris that you came in contact with this week on your pillow as you sleep.  Also, it is important that you take care of the scalp underneath the locks.  Your scalp is what is holding your beautiful mane on your head, ignore it and your locks can begin to fall off one by one.  You also want to take care of your scalp so that you don’t develop a persistent, nagging itch that feels as though something is crawling on your scalp. 

Daily care is also important with locks. Make sure that you are using support products that help keep your locks moisturized and hydrated so they will look shiny and healthy.  Also follow the Lisa Akbari customized program for locks. .

5. Cornrows:

Cornrows are a great style option for men with long hair.  The hair can be braided in many different styles and patterns to fit your look and style. 

However there are a few points to remember when choosing to braid your hair:

  • Do not cornrow your hair too tight.  This will pull your hair, causing stress on the hair follicle.
  • Make sure to shampoo them at least once a week.
  • Do not leave them in for more than two weeks.

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It can be difficult to properly treat and care for your hair and scalp without understanding your hair type and condition. An analysis or strand reading will allow us to determine recommended treatment options personalized just for you!

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