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Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair

You must care for your scalp to have healthy hair!

Preventing scalp problem that lead to hair problems:

When life’s challenges and changes occur that seem to overcrowd our schedule, we go into automatic pilot mode. We instantly start prioritizing our life, trimming off things we think are not important or can wait, and doing things in a way that will help us save time (that is, cutting corners). The problem is that in many cases when you go into this type of mode, something suffers.   Don’t ignore your scalp just because the damage is not noticeable or because it is not affecting your hair style.

Examples of Red Flags (and what to do)

“My hair looks great but my scalp feels different; it’s dry, it itches often, my relaxer burns, etc.”

Always look to your scalp.  Your hair might still look and feel great but the scalp problems can indicate if there is a problem before it starts affecting your look.

“My Hair is experiencing abnormal texture change.”

Make sure you are not killing your hair by burning off the cuticle layer. Flat iron should not exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit and you should not use heat on dirty hair. If you must flat iron your hair everyday to achieve a certain look, maybe you should consider alternative style options.

“My scalp is flaking, I have dandruff.”

Make sure you are shampooing on an as needed basis but at least once a week. Your scalp is skin and you should clean it just as you would anywhere else on your body. Make sure you are using a shampoo with the same pH as you hair and scalp (4.5 to 5.5).

“My hair is not obtaining length and I have a waxy build up on my scalp.”

Make sure you are not using products that clog the hair follicles, blocking hair growth. Examples include products that are not hair and scalp friendly or the pH of the product doesn’t fall within the range of 4.5 to 5.5 such as gels, spritz, moisturizing shampoos, 2 in 1 shampoo, etc.

Consequences of ignoring red flags

(real customers, names disguised for privacy)

“As a young adult my hair looked great, so I ignored the burning during my relaxers. I had a few scabs afterward but that is normal, right? Years down the road I noticed thin areas where my hair seemed not to grow in some places. However, I still needed to straighten those other areas so I continued to get my relaxers every six weeks. Now, I am middle aged and I have to wear a wig to cover my patches of bald areas on my head. I am now empowered to do something about it. I hope it’s not too late.”


“I am a professional woman, so I needed to have a fresh style everyday. I relied on my flat iron to give me that look without having to go to the salon more than once a week. I work long hours at the office and barely had time to make it to the gym, so there was no way I could commit any more time than necessary shampooing my hair. After my morning run, I would just spray on some oil and turn the flat iron on high and straighten my hair.  However, lately my hair is not getting any longer, it just stays the same length. Is it still growing?”


“I am sick of all these products that are full of hype and harsh chemicals that damage my hair. So I started a new program this year called no-poo. It was great, I felt empowered, like I was finally doing something good for my hair. However, its only been a month a now my scalp feels like something is crawling in it. The vinegar rinse seemed to help, but my scalp is really dry. Now I am completely lost as to what to do.” 


Don’t ignore the warning signs, catch hair loss early!  Get the Length today!