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Hair Tips 101 from Trichologist Lisa Akbari

Below you will find some hair advice from Lisa Akbari regarding several common problems you may encounter with your hair. She has offered recommendations on which of her products would best serve each issue. For more extensive advice from trichologist Lisa Akbari see her answers to common questions on the FAQ page, and if you still have questions, feel free to contact her!

Dry Hair

Dry hair is a problem of many individuals. If your hair strands look dry you need to apply oil. Lightly glaze the palm of your hand with the Oil Sheen In a Jar and then rub only the strands of hair that look dry. The Oil Sheen In a Jar will give a nice shine without weighing the hair down. If your hair strands feels dry then you need to apply moisture. Lightly glaze the palm of your hand with the Moisture Plus Moisturizer and rub only the hair strands that feel dry. The Moisture Plus Moisturizer will soften your hair and make it more pliable, and will also manage “new growth” and natural hair.

Weak Hair

Weak hair comes from poorly conditioned hair. The hair is mostly composed of protein, and needs moisture for softness. Your hair must be properly conditioned in order to stay strong. The Deep Penetrating Protein and Moisture and Stabilizing Conditioner will strengthen your hair by adding much need protein and moisture while leaving the hair with body and shine.

Split Ends

Split ends comes for damage to the ends. You can simply cut them away, or treat your split ends and increase the length of your hair. Apply the Moisture Plus Moisturizer daily to your ends of your hair to seal the ends and prevent further damage.

Dry Scalp

Dry scalp comes from: 1. A deficiency of natural oils on the scalp, 2. Scalp damage due to harsh chemicals, 3. The use of high pH shampoos, 4. Over exposures to dry climates. By useing the Cleansing Clarifying and Balance Shampoo, your scalp will stay balanced and prevent “scalp dryness”, because the pH of this shampoo is the same as the pH of your scalp. Also in cases of dry scalp use the Oil Sheen In a Jar on the scalp to replace the oil deficiency.

Hair Breakage

Hair Breakage comes from damage to the hair strand causing the hair to become torn and weak in areas along the hair strand. The Hair Vitamins will fill those weak areas in the hair strand, causing the elasticity to improve and the hair breakage stops. Spray a liberal amount of Hair Vitamins on the hair, then gently comb through the hair for even distribution.

Block Humidity and Hold a Style

When the humidity is high, your hair becomes moist and limp. The Sculptor Set and Sculptor Mist will protect your hair style and block humidity.