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Hydrating Detangling Soufflé 8oz


Hydrating Detangling Soufflé 8oz

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Hydrating Detangling Soufflé 8oz

Hydration Detangling Soufflé will melt your tangles away upon contact. Formula rich pure natural ingredients will gently treat tangle or matted hair. Hydration Detangling Soufflé should be used to remove tangles, take down locks, release matting in hair, also prevent tears in strand and increase elasticity.


Apply Hydrating Detangling Soufflé to ends first, then apply to hairline. Point the tip of the bottle to hair close to the scalp and squeeze bottle as you apply from the front to the back of the head, while allowing the tip to part the hair from ear to ear. Next, use your fingers and thumb and press into and down any tangles. Now, slide open fingers down and through strands. If your fingers feel a tangle stop and use your fingers and thumb to press Hydrating Detangling Soufflé into tangle, down and through strands.