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Scalp Treatment Level 2 Small


Scalp Treatment Level 2 Small

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Scalp Treatment Level 2 Small

Is a formulation that was developed to aid in overall scalp care. Scalp Treatment #2 was made to seal in scalp moisture. A most pure natural formulation of scalp friendly ingredients that are exclusive to the Akbari line. Scalp Treatment #2 will offer that extra pure natural lubrication that will aid in the prevention of flaky dry patches on the scalp. Should be used in problematic flaky scalp areas. Great at aiding the prevention of tender scalp problems.

Directions: For best results, press then blot one drop into problem areas starting with clean area, continue twice a day, and extra times as needed.

All levels of “Akbari Scalp Treatments” should be used in conjunction with the Akbari Scalp Programs for 7 to 12 weeks, for the best results. If your scalp problems persist or become worse you should seek the aid of a Trichologist or a Dermatologist.