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Episode 8, Part I: Ask “The Hair Doctor” June 21, 2011

In this episode of Ask “The Hair Doctor“, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:25 How can your customers who order your products on a regular basis inquire about receiving special deals and discounts? Do you have anything in place for this?

1:13 Is there a way to tell if a company’s products are safe to use on children? 

2:46 What do I need to look for when choosing products to use on her hair without getting the runaround from companies? Please help!

4:05 What oils do you recommend for very dry hair.

4:45 Is argan oil a good oil to use on my natural hair?? are there any benefits to using it?? if so, what are they?

6:15 my hair is not breaking off but I can see my hair falling out in its curly state, and I can hear my hair snapping especially in the middle that is the driest and shortest part in my head. I believe it is short because I tug on it a lot when I put in a pony tail. please help.

8:55 I’d like to know, how safe is it to use the tangle teezer to detangle hair? Is the tangle teezer a must have ‘product’ for detangling?? And, is there any time when it would be wise to use it?? Thanks!:)

10:35 I want to know do your products have mineral and petroleum in it that is bad for the hair?

11:59 Should a person cut their ends if they are very thin? 

13:04 After doing a roller set, what would cause the hair to shed or break off?

14:41 Can you tell me what your thoughts are on using a clear rinse/glosser?

16:26 My question is: I am going on an extended holiday to the tropical climates of Africa (although it will be the coldest period of the year) and while I’m still repairing my layer peeling issues what are the best protective styles I can do? Single braids with extensions or own hair for instance? How should I maintain my hair underneath in terms of cleansing, conditioning, and moisturizing? Thanks in advance!

18:52 I want to know what are the benefits, if any, to using shea butter on natural hair? Do you suggest using this product on natural hair and/or as part of a natural hair regiment?

19:56 fine hair vs. thin hair. Fine naturals?

21:58 Hi my hair stopped growing after certain length on one side of my forehead. It’s been years it’s awkward. I would be happy if you could help me

23:42 I have bald patches and crown and the little hair I do have is brittle and damaged. 25:32 I use coal tar shampoo at least 3 times a week and have tried any and everything for hair regrowth with no success. Is there anything you can tell me to try that is different or should I just get used to the idea that I’ll never have hair? Am I doomed to a life of wigs and caps? It started in puberty, at the temples, now I’m almost completely bald! Please Help Me!!!!!!

26:02 there are two sections (one on each side of my head, in the same place on each side) that really won’t grow. This leads to gaps and spaces in my natural styles. What do you think could be the cause of this stunted hair growth in these two spots? And what can I do to correct it?