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Episode 7: Ask “The Hair Doctor” 6-10-11

In this episode of Ask “The Hair Doctor“, Lisa answers the following questions:

1:22 Can you deep condition hair with an “instant” conditioner (instructs you to leave on hair a few minutes and rinse) if you use a hooded dryer and add oils to the conditioner (such as jojoba, coconut, olive, etc.)?

3:16 I will like to receive micro braids. Will micro braids cause breakage? My hair is soft and thin. I am transitioning from permed hair to natural. If I was to get micro braids will that damage it? Does your shop do micro braids?

4:38 Is there anything in the world of hair care maintenance or hair care products that is recommended to change when the seasons change? If yes, please elaborate. Thanks!

7:18 What do you recommend for thinning hair in the crown area? I have heard of Neurodermatitis, what are your thoughts.

8:28 What are the benefits of using castor oil on the scalp/hair? If there are any, how should it be applied? Thanks

9:59 How do you treat split ends? I always thought that you trim or cut split ends in order to treat them.

11:32 How can one prevent grays?

13:28 I’m seeing more long strands that look like shed hair without the bulb. What might be causing this to happen?

14:44 Also, my son is trying to grow his hair. He is wearing an afro and doesn’t like to get it shaped. His hair is breaking off. Would reg shaping help with growth? Oh, he’s uses a pick to comb his hair.

17:13 what do u recommend for thin edges or hair line??

18:49 Do I need to use a rinse out conditioner after I deep condition my hair? I have a conditioner that’s a rinse out but the bottle says it can be used as a leave in. I know that the function of a rinse out conditioner is to close the cuticle so I am wondering if the rinse out/leave in all in one is really getting both jobs done.

20:50 Can you explain the paraben used in your hair vitamins. Is that food grade or a bad paraben. I am confused about parabens? thanks!!