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Episode 4, Part I: Ask the Hair Doctor 5-31-11

In this episode of Ask the Hair Doctor, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:29 I find my hair to be unmanageable and I have tried on three separate occasions to blow dry and flat iron my hair. The hair is straight until it hits the ends (about an inch or two deep) and poof!! No matter how many times I run the iron over it or how hot it is the ends of my hair will not get straight nor smooth. I am so frustrated. How do I treat my ends to help with this problem? I have straightened my hair professionally and on my own. big sigh…

4:02 how do you know when you need a trim? Does your hair feel a particular way? OR does it look worn out? In my case my hair looks fine but feels a little tired.

5:19 You mention that it is important that our conditioners are moisture and protein balanced. How can I tell if my conditioners contain both? Are there any specific ingredients that I should look for in my conditioner? 

6:35 What is your view of protective styling?

9:01  I am struggling with keeping the ends of my hair moisturized. Have I understood correctly that this does not mean I have to trim them? My hair is in twists or plaits most of the time and I do try to put more product on the ends of my hair . . . . .what do you think the problem is and what should I do to try combat it?

10:20 Can you explain if Mineral Oil in your deep conditioner is great for our hair or not? 

12:11 I’d like to know why my hair pattern comes to life when I use a neutralizing shampoo and detangles easier. 

13:38 Is henna really ok for the hair? Or other forms of coloring?

15:49 does relaxing your hair ultimately damage your scalp permanently or can it be done and still able to maintain healthy hair? My second question is are there any affordable hair products th (question cut off, please ask again)

17:36 Are you a medical doctor?

18:25 I am a 23 year old African American male. My “bangs” will not grow no matter what. 

19:38 Do you ship your products to the UK? 

19:52 Can you also talk about: Androgenic Alopecia and Traction Alopecia.  have you ever helped people with these problems grow their hair back without using Rogaine.  Talk about Rogaine. 

22:28 I’m so frustrated with my natural hair and contemplating going back to a relaxer. Please help. I have a few questions. 1. My hair is constantly feeling dry and brittle.  Can my hair be sensitive to protein? Are all proteins created equal? 2. I’ve been having problems with breakage, split ends and mid shaft splits. Is this being caused by the excessive dryness I’m experiencing, and how can I prevent it?

24:04 My hair was soft but I was afraid it was really dry underneath the cones so I stopped using it and all other cones. How do you feel about cones? Do you think my hair would be ok if I used a sulfate poo to remove the cones?

The rest of the video was cut off, sorry guys! I will post the rest of the questions in an Ask the Hair Doctor 5-31-11 part II