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Episode 13, Part II: Ask “The Hair Doctor” 7-27-11

In this episode of Ask “The Hair Doctor“, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:51 Hi Mrs Akbari, How much hair vitamin, hydration, and oil should i use in my hair to keep it hydrated? When the stylist did my hair at your clinic, she used so much support product on my hair that it was completely saturated. On my drive home I had to lay my head a paper towel to absorb some of the product. I’m not complaining, just want to have an idea of how much product to use on a daily basis. Thanks in advance for your response.

1:55 Why is it so much easier to retain length when you stop using direct heat on the ends? Does it really help to treat split ends instead of cutting them? 2:40 What is the proper way to treat split ends? Thanks for your wonderful advise.

4:06 How long am I supposed to keep the henna on when I use henna on my hair? Is it better to sit under the dryer with it?

4:49 My 2 daughters and I are suffering hair loss in the same pattern. 2 of us have relaxed hair, the other doesn’t. Could our breakage be genetic or could there be another explanation? 6:26 Could it be the hair care products we use or should I have my water tested for contamination? 6:53 I am puzzled by it all. I have attempted to rationalize and/or analyze the situation. Help us.

7:47 When your hair soaks up the conditioner from your deep condition treatment under the dryer, does that mean the molecules are the right size to adequately penetrate the hair? I know that you have spoke about deep conditioners and molecule size. I have been using a conditioner that says deep conditioner, however, not sure if this is the right conditioner for my hair at this time. I have also used a conditioner from this same product line, that is not labeled as a deep conditioner and my hair seems to feel most conditioned with the conditioner not labeled deep conditioner. Be blessed!…your thoughts?

9:18 When did you do the Big Relax and how much natural hair growth have you had since the big relax? Did you cut relaxer out and are you all natural now? Thank you Hope I can figure out when these questions will be asked. Can I receive an email notification on what show my question will be answered? Thank you again

11:13 I recently decided to wear my hair in braids more often but i would still like to keep my scalp clean. How does one wash braids and how frequently do you advise?

11:36 When is good to use gel on your hair?

13:23 Hi Mrs Lisa, I got to be honest. I went out and got a deep conditioner after listening to your videos. Before this, my natural kinky hair was normal. No issues. After the DC, first in a long time, the week after my hair was so tangled, more than I experienced before. I also used the finger combing method that you recommend over combs. I hardly ever used combs prior as my hair was generally moisturized so I could use my fingers and saved the combs for occasional washings. I don’t know if it’s the DC I chose. It doesn’t say anything on the label about protein moisture balance. In another recent video I heard you mention to someone with tangles issues that she should be patient and keep at the DC. So I did yet another DC and my head was tangle central. The funny thing is, the DC goes on and softens on contact almost. But once rinsed my hair feels hard, straw like and just tangles up. And during the week after the fact, I got this horrid webbing which I hadn’t experienced before. HELP! 🙁

15:41 Is there any way to repair the elasticity of my hair? I’ve noticed some strands throughout my natural, mostly 4a type hair are less curly since I’ve had a professional press and curl done last month. My hair is bra strap length when straighten. Do I have to cut my hair, and start all over? Well what temperature should you stay at for coarse hair?