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Episode 12, Part III: Ask “The Hair Doctor” 7-20-11

In this episode of Ask “The Hair Doctor”, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:53 Love the end of the vid. I felt like my hands were getting that old school tap on the wrist. We need it. I’ve stopped doing that and am getting less and less tangles and knots. If you have damaged your scalp while you were relaxing your hair, is the damage permanent? I’ve burned my scalp countless of times trying to relax my hair myself. How long does it take for the scalp to recover from such trauma? Thanks.

4:23 Mrs. Akbari, why do I have bulbs that are somewhat big and some small from shed hair? I’m still noticing some thicker strands are breaking off without a white bulb. I assume it could be from the bobby pins or other hair accessories I maybe using improperly. I got a bump at the nape of my head due to the hair being pulled too tight. How does that bump form? It would seem like the hair would just break off.

8:37 Is it bad if I let my twists (my natural hair) stay in for 3 weeks (washing and conditioning 2/wk.) 11:59 I apply a silicone based conditioner, finger comb then comb w/ wide tooth comb. I can’t manipulate my hair as often as others do, otherwise I wouldn’t retain any length.

12:10 Hi Ms. Lisa 🙂 I have three questions. 1. What are some at home food products that I can mix together to create a deep moisturizing/protein conditioner? 13:01 2. What is a good clarifying shampoo to use found in beauty supply stores? 13:30 3. I don’t trim often anymore, instead I just properly take care of my hair better will this decrease my split ends?

14:00 hi Doc, I have a big problem , lately I notice my hair shedding in a very large amount, I know that we are suppose to shed 50-100 hairs a day but every time I comb out my hair it seems like 100 each time.  Even if I comb or brush it 3 times a day, my hair is all in the sink and I can’t understand it.  My hair was never thick, but it has gotten thinner than before. What should I do or use to help me? I’m getting so frustrated with it that I feel the need to cut it all off, currently my hair is shoulder length.