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Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

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Episode 10, Part III: Ask the Hair Doctor 7-7-11

In this episode of Ask the Hair Doctor, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:23 I'm learning a lot from your show! My first question is about deep penetrating conditioners: I have a friend who believes that the term "deep conditioners" is simply a marketing term that product makers use to justify charging more for a conditioner that really does not live up to the claim. What I want to know is from your experience as a trichologist, have you seen microscopic evidence that deep penetrating conditioners actually have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and benefit the hair as a result? Second question: Is it more beneficial to rinse conditioners out with cool water or does it really matter? Thanks so much for the patient way in which you share your wealth of knowledge of hair with us!

1:47 How often should relaxed hair be shampooed and conditioned? 2:45 Is it possible to restrengthen weak relaxed hair? 3:26 Is protective styling good for relaxed hair?

4:21 Is it necessary to protect your hair from the heat and sun rays? If so, what is the best way to do this? Is sunscreen necessary for the hair?

5:35 Is there any way to repair heat damaged hair? I don't want to do the big chop again. Well, would I have to transition again or could I use some hair treatments to get my texture back. Thank you Hi! I also wanna know is heat damaged hair most likely tends to not retain length? Thank you.

7:25 what does it mean when your scalp is tender? I have natural hair.

8:39 Is it a necessary step to fill a spray bottle with tap water and spray natural hair everyday before putting a leave-in conditioner on the hair? Thank You

9:17 My hair is nowhere near as beautiful as it was when I was 18 and now I am 23 and a mother of two little girls....my hair won't grow and I would like to see more length. I am currently taking 6000mcg biotin vitamins....am I doing the right thing? I am African American and All natural :-)

11:27 There are many "growth stimulants" coming out. Currently, there's a popular stimulant that contains ingredients such as: castor, black tea, cayenne pepper, onion seed oil, garlic seed oil, biotin. The instructions ask for you to apply this to your scalp, massage, and use hair caps (bags) on your head. Is it safe to use this type of product? Are the ingredients safe? What about using caps or bags? There are claims of 3 inches growth in months time. Is this possible?

13:13 My question is: will the Emulsifiers prevent the oils and water from penetrating the hair shaft? BTMS is also a conditioner (as well as an emulsifier)- conditioners smooth down the cuticles, so will the oils and water be able to penetrate despite my using BTMS?

14:00 When using a product such as to cover gray hair, is it okay to overlap the color instead of just touching up?

15:10 I'd like to know about parabens. Are they truly safe? Thanks 4 your time and expertise. go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ9Xdfv3mdE time: 8:29

Ask the Hair Doctor

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