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Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

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Episode 10, Part II: Ask the Hair Doctor 7-7-11

In this episode of Ask the Hair Doctor, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:13 Hello Doctor, you are FABULOUS! My question is about Crisco oil. I've been using it to seal my hair after applying a leave in conditioner, with no ill effects. My hair is actually healthy, strong, and I'm finally retaining length. Do you see anything wrong with using Crisco? I only use a small amount, and I'd hate to change what I'm doing now because it's really working!

1:34 I'm curious to know why you don't list all the ingredients for each of your products on your website. I like to know what's in products prior to purchasing them because my hair doesn't respond well to certain ingredients.

3:15 I've noticed that I have holes in the strands of my hair. I don't use any tools on my hair, and I only finger-comb my hair. What could be causing these holes in my hair strands, and how can I prevent it?

4:26 I hear alot about the importance of achieving protein/moisture balance. How is one to know what products supply it? Should a protein/ moisture product be used every day? Can you name a few products that supply it so I'll know for sure. Thank you!

6:31 I hardly wear any twists or braids and my hairline is pretty good. I notice that when I pull my hair to check my length that the bulk of hair tapers to the tip with shorter transitioning hairs to the tip ie when I take a section of hair they are not all the same length. I would really appreciate your advise as to whether you think this is breakage or just regrowing previously shed hairs. Thanks so much. Really appreciate your channel and segments. Kind regards.

8:29 Do silicones damage the hair and can parabens in hair products cause cancer? Thank you

10:20 I have been a patient of yours for the past 4 weeks. I have enjoyed my treatments and products thus far. I was wondering if you could explain the difference in the your hydration product and the moisture plus product? Can you use them both at the same time once your hair is washed? Which is do you apply first?

12:05 I have a question about hair strength. If we were to test a fine hair strand against a coarse hair strand and assume that both strands are well preserved and "healthy" would the coarse strand be stronger than the fine strand because of its thickness? I just wonder if you have inherently fine hair, will it always be seen as weaker even if it is well cared for.

Ask the Hair Doctor

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