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Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

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Episode 12, Part II: Ask the Hair Doctor 7-20-11

In this episode of Ask the Hair Doctor, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:08 I have frizz very badly. I often wash and condition my hair. I also deep condition with protein as well as a moisture conditioner. I seal my hair with oil after applying a leave-in conditioner however I still have terrible frizz. What can I do to control my frizz?

2:34 Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!! Your wisdom is greatly appreciated. Can you recommend a shampoo and deep conditioning regimen for natural color treated hair? I have a TWA, permanent color that lifted 2 levels and deposits for grey coverage. My hair is in overall good condition. Thanks in advance!!

3:25 I have been hearing that Henna loosens the curl pattern. Is this true?

4:26 After putting on my leave-in conditioner I use Avocado Oil. Is that a safe oil to use on the hair?

5:06 Hello, I have split ends and they have gone a few inches up my hair do I go get a trim or do I need a hair cut 5:48 ? I’ve been natural for 2 years now and have noticed a lot of breakage in the past 2-3 months, both short and long pieces. I'm not sure if it is a result of having my hair flat ironed or using the tangle teezer 6:57 . I haven't had my hair flat ironed again since and have stopped using all tools in my hair about 1.5 months ago. I wash and deep condition weekly and make sure I dress my hair for bed every night. 1) 8:19 Have I just damaged my hair beyond repair? Is there something I can do to stop it? 2) What affects do protein only treatments have on the hair? 3) What are your thoughts on Curlformer rollers?  To repair it...thanks in advance :)

9: 52 Hi Lisa, I have a serious embarrassing hair problem. All of my life I have been unable to take perms in my hair. Throughout the years every time I get a professional perm my hair would look beautiful for the first 3 wks or so and then my hair would break off and fall out to the roots. So I stopped getting perms about 5-6 years ago and I started wearing braids, weave and wigs. I decided to go dreads about a year and a half ago and my hair grew really fast. All of a sudden my hair started to thin out from the roots as thin as thread again and all of my dreads broke off. My hair is now less than an inch long and very patchy. I have always had a healthy scalp except for some itching. I don’t know what to do and I am really troubled about my hair. Please help me.

13:28 Hi, Dr. Akbari, Your hair always looks nice. Love your baby hairs (I know your hair line). I'd like to know what you can do to make fine hair appear fuller. What should type of products should they avoid (like cream vs. liquid conditioners)? My hair is showing a lot of improvement since I've started listening to you and taking heed to your advice. I love and appreciate you so much. I will be purchasing your products in the very near future. Blessings and love. 

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