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Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

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Episode 11, Part III: Ask the Hair Doctor 7-12-11

In this episode of Ask the Hair Doctor, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:23 The texture of my hair is thin what should I do about my hair the middle of my hair always breaking off.

1:42 I haven't had a perm in my hair for about a year, and right now i have my hair braided up and i have a full head of weave. i want to cut my hair into a rihanna like bob, but I don't want to put a relaxer in my hair. Will I be able to do the cut without the relaxer? And also, how long do you think it would take for me to grow my hair out after I'm done cutting it.

3:16 My hair is constantly tangled. No matter how many times I run the comb thru it, it tangles up. I use moisturizers and only comb it when wet. Please, what can I do? Thank you.

4:46 Hi there, I love your videos. I have used the shampoo and deep conditioner from your line (I was copying Shesingslovely). I still have some issues. My hair is doing much better, but I don't retain length. I am thinking that the comb detangling may be causing hair loss. I tried the finger detangling, but my strands started bonding together. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks and take care.

6:25 How often do i need to use a protein conditioner? Because it make my hair to harsh and dry even when i use good moisture products

6:53 Dr Akbari....what do u think about the Biotin vitamin

Hey Dr. Lisa! 4 questions: 7:48 Are animal proteins ok to use on the hair? is the benefit different from vegetable proteins? 8:38 Also how do u feel about using heat on natural hair? how often is too often to be using heat and whats a safe temperature to use?

Hi, Dr. Akbari, Loving your show. Thanks 2 U my scalp is doing good. 4 questions: 10:13 Should you tie your hair up at night? 10:42 What product should you put on right after you shampoo, deep condition, and applied the leave in conditioner? 11:06 Is it necessary to apply oil directly to the scalp? 12:00 Does applying it to the hair shaft eventually make it to your scalp?

Ask the Hair Doctor

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