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Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

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Episode 6: Ask the Hair Doctor 6-6-11

In this episode of Ask the Hair Doctor, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:33 Do you feel that coconut oil is another good oil for the hair?

1:45 Is aloe vera a good product to help normalize the ph level in hair products?

2:50 hello, i have been natural for about a year and i am experiencing webbing. what specifically repairs/help webbing. 


5:18 I currently have braid extensions and when I exercise I sweat a lot in my scalp. How often should I be washing/clarifying my scalp?

6:30  Also, I know that exercise really helps with blood circulation through the entire body, does this benefit the scalp more than doing a scalp massage or should I continue to massage my scalp in addition to the exercise?

6:58 How important is it, to know the PH balance of our hair products? Should I buy pH testing strips and test all my products?

7:50 I wanted to ask about sodium lauryl sulfate - is really bad and should be avoided at all costs? What are your thoughts on this ingredient?

9:44 Also, Should I be washing my hair after every workout? 10:00 Also sealing? What is this and what seals moisture into the hair? 10:25  What are your thoughts on combing conditioners? 

11:28 I've heard of some people mixing separate conditioners (one for moisture one for protein) together in one step while they wash. How does this method compare to applying them one at a time (and rinsing after each)?

12:20 My hair is the same exact length it was a year ago. What may have gone wrong? Is twisting over-manipulation (more than twisting/braiding the hair every night if your hair is out?) 

13:41 I'd like to get my hair shaped, but I don't trust salon stylists who always want to flat iron my hair first to cut it in a decent shape. How can I do this on my own?  

14:50 What's the difference between your hydration moisturizer and your moisture plus moisturizer?

15:36 Can you please let me know if hair growth can be impacted by the use of MSM (sulfur) when used externally with products (on the scalp/hair) or taken internally (supplement)?

17:10  I’ve read that there is a difference between a clarifying shampoo and a chelating shampoo. Does the shampoo in your product line have chelating properties? Is it necessary to occasionally use a chelating shampoo if you swim a lot or live where there is hard water?

18:05 Can I get the same benefits from a sauna as I would from sitting under a dryer, when deep conditioning?

18:46 I have very thin hair in top of my head. I have been natural for about 2 years. I do take insulin and high blood pressure pills. I straighten my hair for the first time in 1 year. It seems that the thinning spot is getting bigger. Also, that area is very tender at the scalp. WHat should I do?

19:53 I deep-condition my hair with a heat cap. It has 3 settings. Which setting do you think I should use and how long should I use it?

20:28 When I wear my hair straight I don't want to use any water based moisurizers in order to prevent reversion, can I use coconut oil as a moisturizer.

21:04 I am looking for a deep conditioner that is both strengthening and moisturizing what do you think about this conditioner 

22:19 I blow dry my hair once a week,should I use more protein based products to keep my hair strong, right now I use a deep moisturizing conditioner that doesn't contain protein 23:23 Can you deep condition hair with an "instant" conditioner (instructs you to leave on hair a few minutes and rinse) if you use a hooded dryer and add oils to the conditioner(such as jojoba, coconut, olive, etc.)?

24:25 Did you already discuss porosity (I looked back and didn't see anything) issues and why some people cant seem to keep their hair moisturized? I moisturize my hair everyday w/ shea moisture products and it's always dry, the "moisture" doesn't even last a day. It's not just these products, it's everything I use.

26:16 Is it o.k. to use Aphrogee protein treatment? Namely the one that makes your hair hard after you sit under a dryer. There is a moisterizer that you must apply to the hair. Also, is hI there a way to slow the graying progress.

27:00 I have a question about permanent hair color. Is it guaranteed to break or damage your hair?  Do you recommend it?

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