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Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

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Episode 8, Part III: Ask the Hair Doctor 6-21-11

In this episode of Ask the Hair Doctor, Lisa answers the following questions:

1:25 Do you have to alternate or change conditioners and shampoos because the hair gets used to it meaning they are no longer effective? 

3:32 My scalp is really dry. I washed my hair and scalp really, squeaky clean and within two hours, the itchy dry scalp returned. The back of the scalp near the neck is really sore. I eventually put some peroxide on the scalp hoping to relieve the itch. Any suggestions? Thanks

7:00 First, thank you for your book. For there to be so many hair stylist in my area, they sure don't know a lot, if anything, about natural black hair. 8:271. How often should you put a leave-in conditioner in your hair? Daily, weekly, when it feels dry, etc.? 9:442. Can your Naturally Textured product be used as a moisturizer? I have assumed yes, but want to know for certain.  10:16 3. Other than twist or plaits, what can you do to dress natural hair at night? Thank you in advance and continue to educate us.

12:13 Dr. Akbari, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I have natural hair, and I would like to lighten it gradually in 2 or 3 color sessions instead of double processing it at one time. How soon after my first color application can I receive another? I want to go for color every 2-3 weeks, is this too soon? 

15:08 Is a regular rinse out conditioner needed after a deep conditioner? I now understand the importance and function of the DC, I am still not sure if a rinse out is necessary after using the DC. 

15:55 I do not have much breakage at all during detangling and styling but I do tend to notice shorter strands of hair all around me head. Is this new growth or breakage?

Ask the Hair Doctor

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