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Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

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Episode 5: Ask the Hair Doctor 6-2-11

In this episode of Ask the Hair Doctor, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:28 i need help with my hair!!! It is breaking off or shedding not sure which!!! It just doesn't seem to grow!

2:36 Are the single strand knots due the shedding and layering of natural hair? I tend to get these knots often. They are not big knots. They tend to be very tiny. You can barely see them. I get my hair trimmed often bc of them causing me to not retain length. What should I do?

4:48 What does an itchy scalp mean?

6:05 Can you please compare the benefits of deep conditioning using a hooded dryer (with a plastic cap) vs. a hair steamer (w/o a plastic cap).

7:24 what would you recommend for my two daughters that have different hair textures? One has thick hair and the other has thin hair. I keep their hair in braids but I worry about their hair being too dry after a few days.

9:27 Dr. Lisa, quick question, you say to try and stay away from silicones, what do you recommend we use to protect our hair when blow drying or flat ironing as most heat protectants contain silicones.

11:20 clarifying shampoos?

12:53 I'd like to know what you should do if you notice your hair is thinning. A friend of mine has been chemically treating her hair with a relaxer. She is in her early fifties (not sure if age plays a role). She uses three conditioners on her shoulder length hair. I told her her excessive conditioning could be causing the thinning and to use only two conditioners

15:24 Can you talk about thinning edges!

16:18 When doing protein/moisture treatments, can I sit in a steam room with a bag/without a bag on my head as oppose to a sitting under a hair dryer

17:27 What is you're view of using natural cleansers such as betonite and rhassoul clays that remove oils and impurities from the hair and skin? Do you think these are effective cleansers?

18:52 and 6:05 Can you do a protein/moisture deep conditioner each week? also can I steam in a steam room with/without a cap, rather than under a dryer?

19:12 I wash and deep condition my hair once a week and I wear my hair in braided updos mostly. I moisturize my hair every other day with water based moisturizer and then seal with olive oil. I have been having problems with knots on the ends of single strands of hair. How do I prevent these?

20:35 What are your thoughts on scalp massages? Do they help, hinder or do nothing at all?

21:58 You have stressed the need to use a shampoo with a 4.5-5.5 pH. Do all of the products in your own line have this pH or just the shampoo?

22:26 What is your advice on incorporating treatments such as bentonite clay, cassia obovata or Ayurvedic powders into my hair regimen?

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