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WTI Workshops

Hands on Classes and Webinars  

Live and in person!!!

The Hair Doctor Trichologist Lisa Akbari is now offering her "up close and personal" Hands On Spring Summer and Fall Class Schedule

The cost starts at only $99 to learn side by side from the World's Greatest Hair Guru   

Note: Each Training is 2 to 4 hours. To register, click on your desired event on the calendar below.


Hands on Training with Lisa Akbari

All Classes will be taught by The "Hair Doctor" Trichologist Lisa Akbari

Can you believe it! Are you excited?? 


“Mommy and Me, or Daddy and Me, or Granny and Me or Guardian and Me” will learn how to manage and style their child’s hair. Also Lisa Akbari will offer her "Signature Tangle Free" steps to hassle free combing and styling. Learn how to do two or more styles.    

 “Naturally Yours”: Lisa Akbari will  personally teach you how to nurture your natural hair, keeping it soft, hydrated, manageable, and healthy.  You will learn how to do Lisa Akbari’s “Curly Fro,"  Learn how to do two or more styles on your natural hair

“Hair 101: Class for College Students”: This is for on-the-go students on a budget.  Lisa Akbari will teach students quick, easy steps to keep their hair healthy without the added stress! You will learn "up to date hair styles"

“Stylin’ Seniors”: We want you to have beautiful hair at any age.   Lisa Akbari has a heart for her seniors and will offer a 1/2 off coupon for this this "Hands On" class and it is just for seniors, who want to keep a fresh, healthy look.

“Just for Men Intro”:  This workshop is exclusively for males who need help taking care of their hair and scalp.  Also learn about hair loss and options for hair re-growth.  

“How to Roller Set”: Lisa Akbari will teach you how to properly roller your hair.  This will be great for women who do not know how to roll hair, want an alternative to using heated tools, or want to wear curly styles due to new growth.

“Hair in the Summertime”:  Lisa Akbari will teach you  how to keep your hair and scalp clean, hydrated, and styled in the heat of the summer.  This is also great if you plan to swim or play sports.

“Managing your New Growth”: Lisa Akbari will teach you how to keep your new growth manageable and tangle-free.  Whether you are deciding to go natural or relaxing your hair less often to stop over-processing or transitioning between styles, this will be a great class to learn how to style your hair from the best... The Hair Guru Lisa Akbari.

“Using Heated Tools”: Lisa Akbari will teach you how to use heated tools in a healthy way, with the appropriate techniques. ( how much heat is too much?)  If you press or use flat irons and curling irons, this class is great for you!

"How to manage your long hair:" Lisa Akbari will teach you how to prevent tangles, detangle, manage, as well as quick fix styles for long hair.

See the calendar for dates/times and to register

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Cosmetology Institute

Natural Hair License Program: Become a Licensed Natural Hair Stylist!

Stay tuned for the next session.

Tuition: Only $3,900  Includes:

  • One natural hair workbook
  • One Natural Hair textbook
  • Natural Hair Supply Kit
  • 120 Hours Theory Instruction
  • 180 Hours Practical
  • Trichology Lecture included

Payment Options Available! Ask about our need-based scholarship program!

  1. Weekly Payment Plan: No down payment and easy weekly payments
  2. Payment in Full : Receive a $100 discount
  3. Bank Financing available with a credit score of 600 or higher
  4. Need-Based Scholarship available on a case-by-case basis with interview

Call 901-380-4445 for a tour and to get started on your new career.

For more info or to register,  e-mail Trichologist Lisa Akbari: lisa@lisaakbari.com

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Trichology Courses

Trichology 101 — Continuing Beauty Education Accelerated Course

 40 Continuing Education College Credit Hours

  • This course is for licensed cosmetologists only.
  • Stay tuned for the next session.

For more info,  e-mail Trichologist Lisa Akbari: lisa@lisaakbari.com

This class is taught online through Southwest Tennessee College and Lisa Akbari.

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Get a Hair Analysis

It can be difficult to properly treat and care for your hair and scalp without understanding your hair type and condition. An analysis or strand reading will allow us to determine recommended treatment options personalized just for you!

Hair and Scalp Analysis

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Strand Reading / Hair Analysis

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