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Pure, effective ingredients:

Purified water, henna, hydrolyzed protein, aloe vera, jojoba oil

Lisa Akbari's Hair Nutrition System can work on all types of hair. Here are five very natural reasons why:

  1. purified water

    1Purified Water:

    Proper water is a vital factor in the formulation. All impurities have been removed to ensure the most natural compound.

  2. purified water

    2Pure Natural Henna:

    A pure plant proteinate material derived from the stem of the henna plant which is colorless. It is a source of glycoprotein and adds texture and sheen while repairing hair damage and adding moisture to the hair shaft.

  3. purified water

    3Hydrolyzed Protein:

    A highly refined natural vegetable protein of precise molecular weight and size for optimum penetration.

  4. purified water

    4Aloe Vera:

    A perennial herb from the aloe family. Aloe gel is a clear, colorless, practically odorless and tasteless vicous hydrocolloid. Aloe has been used for centuries for its healing benefits to the skin. It is unsurpassed as a healing agent for the scalp and moisturizer for the hair, since it soothes the scalp and aids in preventing hair loss.

  5. purified water

    5Jojoba Oil:

    A natural pure oil extracted from the bean of the desert jojoba plant. For more than 40 years, research has been conducted on jojoba worldwide, and it has been determined that it is molecularly different from oils made by other plants. Jojoba oil dissolves excess sebum on the scalp.