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Books by Lisa Akbari

Lisa Akbari has authored several books.

Black Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair

The #1 selling hair care book nationwide!

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Black Woman’s Guide to Beautiful Hair embraces the black woman's freedom to choose her own hair style and empowers her with the knowledge to care for and manage her style choice.

Black Woman’s Guide to Beautiful Hair: (Lisa Akbari) states...

“Today there are many sisters who are depressed about their hair, many do not respect, appreciate, or understand their own hair in its natural state. Therefore, they abuse, misuse, bully, and try to change their hair in a misguided effort to control or manage it. They spend tons of money, time, and energy on weaving, waving, braiding, twisting, then straightening, blow-drying, and curling, as they salon hop to find a way to have better hair. It is and always should be a women's choice to wear her hair natural or chemically altered. The problem that many women particularly black women have, is that they believe in, and make a choice before they become educated on that choice…"

The Latest Book from Lisa Akbari!

Every Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair at Any Age

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Every Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair at Any Age will help you through your daily struggles and temptations in trying to make that perfect hairdo. From colors to perms to flat irons, our hair is twisted, teased, abused, and manipulated on a daily basis. This book will teach you how to get and keep the look you want without any of the damaging effects that can age your hair strand. Tips in this book apply to all types and styles of hair and include:

  • How to proactively keep your hair beautiful at any age
  • How to take control of and care for graying hair
  • How to take control of and care for graying hair
  • How permanent is a permanent?, and other chemical questions
  • Getting to the bottom of it all...how to have a scalp half its age
  • How to treat hair and scalp problems.

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