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Magazine Articles

Lisa Akbari has been featured in International publications such as JET and Cosmopolitan magazines, and is a regular contributor to Grace Magazine

"Essence: Know & Tell"

"'You have to know what your transitioning hair is going through,' says Wanda Washington...'keep it moisturized.' Washington recommends using a shampoo that maintains your hair's pH balance of 4.5 to 5.5, such as Lisa Akbari's Cleansing, Clarifying and Balancing Shampoo."

"Essence: Find an Expert Near You"

Lisa Akbari listed as a featured expert Trichologist.

"Get Healthy Hair: How Oils Can Help"

HTML"Spring has come, and while we are shedding heavy jackets and changing our wardrobe, hair experts urge women to also pay special attention to their crown.

Many Black women change their hair regimen when the seasons change. Hair doctors believe this is the perfect time of year to focus on learning how to get or maintain healthy hair..."

"When Your Hair Just Won't Behave"

"Many of us tend to think of summer as the time that's toughest on our locks, thanks to all that exposure to sunlight, chlorine, and saltwater—to say nothing of strand-expanding  humidity. But winter comes with its own set of weather-induced frustrations, like dullness, breakage, and staticky locks. We tackled your trickiest winter hair woes and found easy, fast solutions..."

How to Fight Brittle Hair Blues During Dry Winter Months 

"When it comes to managing your mane during the cold, dry winter season, most Black women know that this can be challenging..."

"Winter Hair & Scalp Dehydration"

"Yes, like the skin on your face, your hair and scalp can become dehydrated. During the winter months your hair will feel dry and brittle as you notice an increase in hair in your comb. Dry scalp disorders flare up more in the winter months when complaints of scalp itch are at an all time high. Hydration is vital to the stability of your hair and scalp, and a lack of hydration can be damaging..."

"Choose a Hairstyle That's Right for You"

Lisa Akbari, board-certified trichologist, says it's important for women who work out to wash their hair each time they work out.

"'That sweat has waste and salt in it, which is just the detoxing of the body. The dangerous thing with working out for Black omen is that if they sweat and don't shampoo, their scalp becomes polluted, then the hair sweats. After it dries, it dehydrates the hair. This is what creates problems,' Akbari says..."

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