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- August 23, 2019 -

Free Hair Care for a Year!

The World Trichology Institute would like to help you with your hair by offering a one year supply of trichologist Lisa Akbari’s Hair Nutrition System Treatment

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My Hair is About ME!

Some students feel that they must have a certain look in order to fit in. There are always questions regarding whether to wear hair natural

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Seasonal Care

Winter: Keeping your child’s hair moisturized to prevent dry, brittle, and weak hair is important; therefore you need to use a moisturize plus moisturizer in

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To Relax or Not?

How young is too young for a relaxer?  A relaxer is composed of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), a very harsh chemical treatment.  Even a no lye

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Daily Care

It is important to care for your children’s hair every day with every style so that their hair stays strong and healthy. Whether your little

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Style Options

There are several style options to choose from when choosing a look that will satisfy the preferences of both you and your child. 1.    Cornrow:  You

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