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Welcome, Women!

Welcome, Women!

Hair is important to women… it allows us to project a certain image of ourselves to the world.

Natural or Straight?

Many women whom I have counseled about their hair ask this very question: "should I stay natural or should I go straight?"

  • It is and should always be a women's choice to wear her hair kinky or straight.
  • Once making a choice, act responsibly. Never make a choice that you are not willing to care for.

Unfortunately, at some point most sisters find themselves unhappy with their choice no matter whether they chose natural or straight.

The reasons for this despondency are that many women:

  1. Don't understand the choice that they have made
  2. Don't understand how to manage the choice that they have made
  3. Don't understand how to properly care for the choice that they have made

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It can be difficult to properly treat and care for your hair and scalp without understanding your hair type and condition. An analysis or strand reading will allow us to determine recommended treatment options personalized just for you!

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