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Natural Hair Transition Program (Anti-Itch)


Natural Hair Transition Program (Anti-Itch)

Natural Hair Transition Program (Anti-Itch)
Lisa Akbari's Natural Hair Transition Program (Anti-Itch) helps you step-by-step as you transition to natural hair. This program also includes the tools you need to stop scalp itching and irritations.
Program includes:

  • Lisa Akbari's Hair Nutrition System
    • Cleansing, Clarifying and Balance Shampoo
    • Protein, Moisture and Stabilizing Conditioner
    • Hair Vitamins Leave-in-Conditioner
    • Hydration Moisturizer
    • Oil Sheen in a Jar
  • Lisa Akbari's Level 3 Scalp Treatment Drops

  • Custom Written Lisa Akbari's Transition Program
  • Weekly Web Video-Blog
  • Kinky Hair Group VIP membership
  • Akbari Natural Woman BlogTalk Radio Show 
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