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Hydrating Hair and Scalp Spa Treatment

Lisa Akbari Signature Hydrating Hair and Scalp Spa Treatment


Enjoy a soothing Lisa Akbari Signature Hair and Scalp Spa Treatment

A Lisa Akbari Signature Hydrating Hair and Scalp Spa Treatment is a unique experience offered exclusively at Lisa Akbari's World Trichology Institute. This soothing treatment is the epitome of relaxation and tranquility.

Your private room will feature candle lighting, relaxing sounds, as the air will be filled with lavender scents, or you can choose your own scent from our “aroma menu”. Relax on your comfortable bed with “memory technology” that contours to your body the minute you lay down, as you feel the relaxing vibrations pulsating from your bed. You will have your choice to escape to the rain forest, relax at the beach, or dive into an underwater bliss in a tropical ocean filled with rich coral. Enjoy while receiving Lisa Akbari Signature Hydrating Hair and Scalp Spa Treatment.

  • Step 1. Lisa Akbari Signature Deep Clean Deep Tissue Purifying Scalp Massage in one of our custom pedestal shampoo bowls
  • Step 2. Lisa Akbari Signature Detoxing Hair and Scalp Treatment
  • Step 3. Lisa Akbari Signature Deep Clean Treatment, which includes Lisa Akbari Deep Tissue Scalp Massage
  • Step 4. Lisa Akbari Signature Organic Deep Conditioning Hydrating Treatment
  • Step 5. Lisa Akbari Signature Leave-In Treatments, which include: Lisa Akbari Signature Organic Hydrating Cooling Scalp Treatment, Hydrating Hair Treatment, and Lisa Akbari Signature Hydrating Moisture Boost Hair Treatment for Extreme Dehydrated Hair

A two-hour pampering experience

While your face is under Lisa Akbari Signature Skin Hydrating Towels and your hair and scalp are being treated under a floating dryer, you will enjoy a soothing light shoulder and foot massage, while Lisa Akbari Signature Hydrating cool towels cover your face and take you into a nice nap.

Afterwards relax with natural tea or refreshing Voss water. You may visit our salon for a healthy hairstyle for an additional fee (see client consultant for custom cost of this additional service).

Lisa Akbari Signature Hydrating Hair and Scalp Spa Treatment is the ultimate hair and scalp rejuvenation and relaxation experience. This is a two-hour pampering experience.

Want more?

  • Ask about a membership package

  • Ask about discounts for Pamper Day Group Booking

  • Wedding or Birthday Custom Packages (party of max 8)*

  • “Mani and Pedi” Package added upon request

* Bring in your own a “theme cake” and light menu, and your choice of sparkling water, champagne, or red or white wine (for a nominal fee).

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It can be difficult to properly treat and care for your hair and scalp without understanding your hair type and condition. An analysis or strand reading will allow us to determine recommended treatment options personalized just for you!

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